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What To Expect

Your examination process commences with the pre-testing phase. During pre-testing, you'll sit comfortably in front of our state-of-the-art instruments, looking at various lights or pictures as they gather essential information. This process is quick, painless, and engaging, and it doesn't involve touching your eyes. Spartan Vision Center is committed to using cutting-edge equipment to enhance the efficiency and comfort of your examination, minimizing any guesswork or anxiety you might feel. We are proud to introduce the Daytona OPTOS retinal imaging camera, which provides a broader view of your retinal health. What's even better is that every patient receives this service at no additional cost! Your eye doctor will review your retinal photos and explain their findings during your examination.


Automated Refraction System

Quick and highly precise, with a single button press, you'll easily compare your new prescription to your current one, presented like a slideshow.

Glaucoma Screening

A gentle, no-touch puff of air is used to assess the pressure of the eye's fluid, which can identify risk factors for glaucoma and other diseases.

Retinal Photography

As our new service, the Daytona OPTOS retinal imaging camera provides the widest, non-dilated view of the inside of your eye. This enables early detection of retinal issues such as tears, detachments, hemorrhages, and, in rare cases, malignancies.

Slit Lamp Exam

A high-resolution microscope enables a comprehensive examination of the entire eye. It offers clear visibility with enhanced optics and various magnification settings for detailed examination when needed.

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