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Medical Eyecare


At our Optometry practice, we understand how concerning eye emergencies can be. That's why we offer Emergency Eyecare Visits for foreign body removal, abrasions, sudden vision loss, new flashes or floaters, and other urgent eye-related issues. We aim to provide prompt, thorough care in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Emergency Visits (Same Day)

Non-Emergency Visits

Schedule an appointment within one week of the onset of symptoms, depending on the signs and symptoms you are experiencing. Medical office visits will encompass your prescription medication if needed and serve as your initial follow-up following your first visit.


At our practice, we understand that your eye health is a top priority. That's why we offer non-emergency visits to address a wide range of eye concerns such as red or pink eyes, foreign objects in the eye, abrasions, itchy eyes, blepharitis, styes, suspicious lesions, contact lens-associated red eyes, vision loss, eye pain, light sensitivity, dry eyes of all varieties, pressure checks for glaucoma, and visual field testing to assess neurological involvement. With our comprehensive care, you can rest easy knowing that we are committed to helping you maintain healthy eyes and clear vision.

Medical Eye Examinations

Diabetic Eye Exam

Includes retinal photography, interpretation and your correspondence letter back your physician.

Physician Requested Examination

For example, medications like like Plaquenil, Methotextrate, Amiodorone and cortical steroids all have potential of having secondary vision loss.

Post Cataract Exam

Annual eye examination following cataract surgery.

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