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Our Story

Welcome to Spartan Vision Center, where your vision comes first. Our community-focused team of professionals has been providing quality eye care services to over 100,000 patients for over 25 years. We believe that our patients’ needs come first, and we are passionate about helping them maintain and improve their visual health. Whether you need a routine eye exam or treatment for an eye infection, our dedicated team is here to help. Schedule an appointment with us today and learn more below about the history of our practice and Dr. Roubos.

Our Mission

We aim to be focused on continuously striving for excellence in both vision and eye care at today’s affordable prices.

Meet the Team

Spartan Vision Center is a private, independent optometry practice located inside the East Lansing COSTCO™ Warehouse, opening its doors on October 27, 2017. Dr. Roubos, a Michigan optometrist with nearly 20 years of experience as a practicing partner in a multi-location optometric practice in Holland, Michigan, leads his new team at Spartan Vision Center.

Dr. Calder joined Spartan Vision in 2023 bringing her own valuable knowledge and experience to compliment and promote practice growth.

Our trained staff, Renee, Hallie, Ciash'a, Jackie and Kriti all together bring a collaboration or ideas and different perspectives when providing care and assistance to our patients

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Dr. Andrew Roubos

Dr. Roubos is a native of Battle Creek, Michigan and holds degrees from both Michigan State University(1992) and The Ohio State University(1998).  Dr. Roubos was the first person in his family to earn a degree from a 4 year institution.   Without the efforts of a particular MSU football coach, Dr. Roubos would have never been able to attend Michigan State University.  Dr. Roubos gave back to Michigan State University, by tutoring student-athletes for approximately one year, as Dr. Roubos himself relied on tutors most of his own academic career.   Dr. Roubos graduated from The Ohio State University on the “Deans List”, with a 3.6 GPA all while married, helping raise 2 baby boys and working part time in a local doctors office, which tells a great story as Dr. Roubos has to take a couple glasses in both remedial English and Math at MSU before entering normal academic progression. Dr. Roubos spent the first 18 years of his as a practicing partner in a multi-location optometric practice in Holland, Michigan.  A year after leaving Holland, Dr. Roubos entered into a new business partnership and modality of practice by opening a new practice in Spartan Vision Center, located inside the East Lansing Costco Warehouse.   Spartan Vision Center has experienced significant practice growth since opening it’s doors on October 27, 2017.   Dr. Roubos wishes to express his appreciation and gratitude to all patients who have been seen or continued to be seen have been an integral reason for the continued growth of Spartan Vision Center.   When not spending time at Spartan Vision Center, you will find Dr. Roubos spending time with family and friends or attending the variety of local events that Michigan State University has to offer.

Six years ago on October 27, 2017, Spartan Vision Center has been blessed to experience double digit growth each year. Because of this, Spartan Vision Center wishes to express a sincere gratitude to all who have referred their family and friends for their eye care needs.


Dr. Roubos, reflecting on three years of experience within Costco, finds starting this new practice to be a blessing, and he's thankful for the excellent working relationship with Costco's Optical Department and all levels of Costco employees. The future appears bright, and the team is enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead. Dr. Roubos takes pleasure in serving the local and surrounding communities, both friends and family, as well as patients who have traveled from afar to trust their vision care needs to Spartan Vision Center. Looking forward to many more years of growth and nurturing this special relationship within the Costco setting.

In reflection, the last 6 years has been a blessing to partner and work directly with Costco Corporation. As brand new partners in this modality of practice, I'm confident that our enviroment and culture will be benefical to our clients and community in the coming years. — Dr. Roubos

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