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Vision Prescription


We can do glasses of any type for all ages. Here are some more services we provide:

At our optometry clinic, we offer a wide selection of glasses that cater to all your needs. From single vision to progressive addition lenses, bifocals to trifocals, prism to specialty glasses—we’ve got you covered. Our expert optometrists will carefully examine your eyes and recommend the best glasses that fit your unique vision needs.

Spectacle Prescriptions / Glasses

Contact Lens Prescription

Spartan Vision Center provides a range of contact lens options to meet the needs of patients of all ages. We specialize in soft, hybrid, and RGP lenses for both children and adults. Our team of experienced optometrists is here to help you see your best and maintain your overall eye health.

Soft Contact Lenses

At our Optometrist clinic, we offer a variety of Soft Contact Lenses to fit your needs. Whether you have single vision, astigmatism, or need bifocal or multifocal lenses, we have the right solution for you. We even provide cosmetic and colored lenses for those who want to switch up their look. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with fitting and choosing the perfect lenses for your lifestyle.

MiSight Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lenses

Approved in the summer of 2022, this is the first FDA-approved treatment for young children aged 6 and older aimed at slowing the progression of myopia. The six-year study concluded with the most significant increase in myopia being just -1.00. This is excellent news for nearsighted patients who wish to prevent their children from experiencing the same level of myopia as their parents.

Included: Contact Lens Starter Bag: Contains starter solution, storage case, artificial tears and coupons!

Refraction Only Services

To determine the prescription for glasses following cataract surgery, the evaluation is typically performed two weeks after the last eye correction procedure. The surgeon's approval is required for the release of this prescription. In cases where a second opinion on a glasses prescription from an external source feels 'off' or 'not quite right,' it's advisable to seek one. This process is also applicable for post-LASIK, corneal, and retinal surgeries, aimed at achieving the best-corrected vision.

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